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Monkey Magic is a tattoo and body piercing studio owned and run by Poh, a talented tattoo artist who started learning tattoo and body piercing at the age of 18. He spent years working as an apprentice for his professional tattoo artist cousin before opening the first studio of his own in Pai.

Poh opened Monkey Magic Tattoo in 2007. Here he provides professional machine tattooing and customized designs in all styles such as old school, Japanese, geometric, full color or black and gray work and many more styles. Hygienic and clean tattoo and piercing equipment are given to all customers to ensure that they will get a good tattoo or piercing without any infection.

Monkey Magic is located in Pai - Mae Hong Son, Thailand; open daily from 11.00 A.M. until 9.00 P.M. Prior appointment is recommended.

Black Work

One of our specialty tattoo styles in Monkey Magic Tattoo is black and grey tattoos. We have many different shades of black ink which can give a tattoo a great deal of dimension. Our shading techniques vary depending on the style of tattoo and our customerís personal preference.

We can also incorporate dot work into the tattoo to give it a different looking texture. Our line work can also vary between very fine lines to solid thick lines which are clean and precise.We aim to work with our customer to give them the exact style of tattoo they like which may be mandala, realistic, geometric, old school, minimalistic, text work, abstract or even a combination of different styles.

Color Tattoos

Here at Monkey Magic Tattoo we have more than 60 different colours and many shades of black for you to choose from.

We use high quality vegan ink which gives very good saturation and vibrant colours after healing. We can create watercolor tattoos, traditional colour, neo-traditional, Japanese and new school tattoos.The inks are available for customers to view and pick which shades they like best.

Geometric and Mandala Tattoos

Perfect line work and symmetry creates a beautiful looking geometric tattoo. When dot work is incorporated into the piece it will give more texture and dimension. We really enjoy to do mandala and geometric tattoo pieces and we can create more than 100 different patterns for you to choose from.

We can also do different styles with a geometric background which will give you a very unique and artistic piece.

Old School Tattoos

Old school tattoo is traditional American tattoo style which features bold black outlines and typically includes yellow, red, green and black ink. Examples of popular designs include pin-ups, hearts, anchors, eagles, mermaids and many more.

Old school is very fun to work with and we thoroughly enjoy this style. Our ink has very good saturation which works especially well with old school and our line work is very precise and clean.

Our customized old school design are very popular and our customers always leave very happy.

Minimal Tattoos

We also do very clean and simple minimal tattoos in black and grey or in colour work. We feel that if you are having a minimal tattoo that it needs to be very clean and clear.

We can do all types of simple tattoos including religious or spiritual symbolism, text work, animal depictions and many other symbolic pieces which the customer may want.

Our line work is very precise so your minimal tattoo will look exactly as you want.

Japanese Tattoo

A very popular tattoo style is Japanese Tattoo and we really enjoy to do Japanese style here at Monkey Magic Tattoo. We can do black and grey style or with colour and usually this style will be a rather large piece on either the arm, leg, side or full back.

It normally takes a few sessions to complete but with our warm and friendly atmosphere you will be made to feel very welcome and comfortable. All kinds of koi fish, birds, trees and Japanese masks can be done to make a unique Japanese tattoo for you.

We also prefer to draw the wave lines directly onto your body so that they will fit your body shape and make for a more beautiful looking tattoo.


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Monkey Magic Tattoo
Opening Times Mon - Sun
from 11:00am to 09:00pm
089 430 8560
9/5 Moo 4, Tambon Vieng Tai
Amphur Pai
Mae Hong Sorn 58130
Tax ID 38/117/09676